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Clip in Fringe Hair Pieces or bangs are so popular for changing up your hair style. There are many different ways to wear fringes from trendsetting baby bangs to long side swept fringes. A fringe can completely transform your look but some women can be a little anxious about going for the chop as a fringe can be quite a dramatic change. If this sounds like you then we have the solution and that is the clip in fringe!

What is a Clip In Fringe?

A clip in fringe is a small hair piece that is worn at the front of the head to create a trendy hairstyle. You can wear these hair pieces if you just want a stylish new look or if you have had trouble with fringes in the past. In some cases the hair can be too thin or the parting in your hair will split the fringe giving you the not so stylish 90s boy band curtain hairstyle. Those problems can be solved with a clip in fringe. Also, if you decide you do not like the fringe or if you want to change up your look without the commitment then one of these fringes could be perfect as you can simply clip it off! These hair pieces are also perfect for hiding any hair loss you may have the front or hair line of your hair. Simply clip the fringe in place and any bald areas will be covered with ease.

Some Fringe Pieces available at HairWeavon

At HairWeavon, we have a beautiful selection of clip in fringes. There are different hair types to choose from and by the end of this article you will have found the perfect fringe piece for you.

This clip in fringe is made with Remy human hair. Remy human hair is the highest quality hair that you can buy. It has a natural, healthy and shiny look and the cuticles of the hair are kept in the same direction to mimic natural hair growth. As the fringe is human hair it can be styled with hair dryers and other heated tools. You can also have the fringe cut so you can have a blunt cut fringe or a wispy side fringe, the choice is yours. The easiFringe is available in 25 colours.

We also have this Fringe piece in heat friendly synthetic hair. As the hair is synthetic it is lower in cost so it is perfect for anyone on a tighter budget. You will still get a stylish fringe but the hair is not as durable, you will still get a lot of wear of out it though. This is perfect for those with short term hair loss or who want the fringe for fashion purposes. The Easifringe in Synthetic hair is available in 21 colours.

Check out the True Fringe by Ellen Wille. This one is created with a mix of human hair and synthetic hair which gives you the best of both worlds. You can still style the fringe with heat but the synthetic fibres will keep the style in for longer. It is also great for busy ladies on the go. This hairpiece is available in 7 colours.

Also check out the Fringe Flair Clip in Fringe by Amore. This fringe is made with synthetic hair so cannot be styled with heat. It is a stylish clip in hair piece that is great for fashion wear or for short term hair loss. This fringe is available in 11 colours.

This last hair piece is a clip in side fringe. This fringe is 100% human hair so it will look natural and it can be styled and cut to. With it’s two clips it is very easy to attach! We have this available in one colour black.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about our fringe hair pieces or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team are here to help!

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