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How to Make Your Hair Topper Sit Flat

How to Make Your Topper Sit Flat

Many hair topper wearers want their piece to sit as flat as possible for the most natural look. Because toppers don’t have a full cap snugly wrapped around the head’s circumference to pull them taut like a wig, it takes a bit of practice and a little finessing to have them sit as flat as possible.

In the video below, Laura shows us how to improve the fit and natural look of a topper.

Cap Construction Matters

In general, monofilament and lace bases will sit closer to the scalp as they are made with a single layer of fabric. French drawn and silk top toppers contain multiple layers of fabric, therefore, by the very nature of their construction, they are thicker. Each type of construction has its pros and cons, so you will need to decide what features are most important to you.

Reset Cap Shape

Caps can become temporarily misshapen during shipping, just as an article of clothing can become wrinkled in the mail. Once you have committed to keeping your topper, a wash or a heavy spritz of water can reset the shape of the cap. For best results, dry your damp topper with the cap draped over a canvas block or mannequin head. Be especially gentle handling the piece when wet. After several wears, many caps will mould to the shape of your head as the base materials gently stretch.

Tame The Volume

Sometimes toppers appear higher off of the scalp because the hair is voluminous at the root. Some wearers enjoy the volume, whereas others prefer a sleeker root. There are 3 methods that will help you achieve this: heat, water, and creativity can all help to tame the volume.

For human hair, use a hot comb or the flat side of a curling iron to tame the poof on top.  Gently run your hot tool over small sections at the root after applying heat protectant.  Never run your hot tools through non-heat friendly synthetic fibres, and for heat-friendly fibres, be mindful of the manufacturer’s recommendations for temperature limits!

If heat is not your first choice, or not an option, you can comb through your topper, apply a spritz of water to the roots, and gently flatten the hair when wet.  When all else fails, add pressure.  Mount your topper onto a canvas block or mannequin head.  Wrap a scarf over the dampened roots and secure tightly.  Once air dried, you should have a flatter crown area!

Consider a Lace Front

At times, a topper can give the appearance that it is “floating” on top of the hair if situated behind your hairline.  A topper placed behind the hairline can also have a telltale “transition” where it combines with your natural hair.  It can take some time to master your blending skills to disguise this, but for those with a sparse hairline, or difficulty blending your hairline in with your topper, this issue is virtually eliminated with a lace front.  A lace front topper, particularly when used with adhesive, gives a seamless, flat, growing out of your head appearance!

Adjusting to Your New Look

If you have a thinning crown, a topper can feel overwhelmingly voluminous on the top even after trying these tips and tricks!  Ask yourself, or ask a trusted friend if your new topper looks flat or not, or if you just haven’t yet adjusted to your new look! If you are still having troubles schedule a consultation with us.

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